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Parcel deliveries

What is the process after order confirmation?

The delivery process starts from the confirmation of the order.
During the next few days, approximately 1-3 business days, we will be preparing the product, the packaging and the transport of your package.

When sending the package, the courier will send you information, of each update and location at all times, through the tracking number. Remember that carriers update it every 1-3 business days.

Process Confirm Send Total
1-4 business days Without prior notice 6-10 business days 7-14 business days
The warehouse will be processing the order The package is ready to send The order has been sent Depending on the shipment you have selected

Always keep in mind that...

  • Processing and shipping times may vary depending on the season of the year (sales, Christmas, holidays...).
  • If your product does not arrive on schedule, don't worry, our team will notify you and your order will be upgraded to a higher priority.
  • The shipping method you choose before completing the purchase defines the arrival time of your package.
  • If after the order confirmation the purchased product is not in stock due to lack of inventory, we will try to inform you as soon as possible, canceling the order with a prompt refund.

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