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It could be said that...

Improving an application or an online store would be the key point for the user, since we all love to enter a Store/App that is visually appealing, that allows us to quickly interact with it.

The most common reasons we make these updates to our store are to fix bugs , improve performance , and include new features . Sometimes these changes happen to accommodate the best customer experience. Below we will mention the new updates well detailed.

1. Quick Compare Icon

The quick compare icon allows you to quickly view your product details before visiting the product page. Also, as the name implies, you can easily compare the features of different products and choose which one is best for you.

2. Appearance about products

The appearance of the products is very important. However, the appearance will change as it is in the photo below.

As of the middle of January, a fundamental part has been updated regarding the number of products. In each collection you have different discounts for buying more quantities . We add this so that you can get the most out of our store and so that you get a more profitable price for buying more.

3. Buy it with ...

A reward for our customers for purchasing associated items. You have different discounts for different products. This selection is located below the product description.

4. Customer reviews

The opinion of our clients is very important to us. This helps us to improve the store and some other things.
Below everything is the selection of users who have recommended and commented on the official Google page
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