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Speakers| New collection

Altavoces| Nueva Colección

A great way to listen to your favorite tracks

Loudspeakers are the most classic way of listening to music and although they have always stood out for being large and heavy devices, new technologies have helped to reduce sizes and modernize the sector.
Speakers are the best tool to combine with home devices such as TV, or with electronic devices such as mobile phones.

With the new collection of Wireless Headphones , recently launched in our store, FanBlu wants to offer its customers a unique opportunity for their purchases.
What does that mean?
I'll explain it to you: you can benefit from Free Shipping and also a discount to use it on your purchases.


All speakers will carry a Free Shipping and with a discount of 10% for your purchase. Free shipping automatically enters but the discount code will have to be entered by you.
Why don't you lower the price so I don't have to put the code?
We can do it but we want our customers to be comfortable with our store and that is why the discount code will always appear on the: top (mobile) or right (desktop). You take the code, you put it on the payment screen and BOOM explosion no, but discount yes.

Shipping on this collection will be 8-16 business days

We almost forgot to tell you that if you like cycling we have the perfect speaker to give your bike a unique design

Various speaker models

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