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How to order on FanBlu

Cómo hacer un pedido en FanBlu

The fastest and easiest way

To buy at FanBlu, the essential thing is to create an account, although it is not necessary. Creating an account helps the user save money out of pocket.

A general explanation of how to make an online purchase at FanBlu so that if you have never done it and are not very good at shopping online, you will have a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

general explanation

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Select a product Choose the size and color add to cart Fill in the personal data checkout

detailed explanation

Select the product that most appeals to you

The variety of products that we have can make you doubt your purchase, mainly because of the low prices and the quantity.
We are not AliExpress and we are not Amazon to store so many products, although in the future no one knows.

After choosing your product you will enter the process of choosing the size that corresponds to you, the color and the quantity of products that you want to buy. It is important that you choose the size and color well.

After a long time choosing the size and color, we finally added it to the shopping cart.

Your shopping cart automatically appears on the right side with all the details. If the purchase is over €35 you will have free shipping .
The payment method is safe and insured. You can read more here

Now the next page is the most important. All fields must be filled in correctly.

Keep in mind that all the data can be modified or deleted if you wish.

It is very important that you put the correct address.
After each order, our team will check if the address is correct or not. If by chance the information is not correct or does not correspond we will not process your order, more details here .
It has suggestions that come to you automatically when you enter your street/city.

We are one step away from completing the purchase. After filling in the address and the data, we go to this screen that specifically deals with the details of the shipping costs . We have different rates.
It is clear that we are always talking about business days. Orders are not processed and shipped on weekends. More information here

All that remains is to fill in the bank details to finally finalize the purchase.
Then you will see the order number that begins with "FB" and an email with the confirmation of payment and order.

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